In the process of compressor operation, the vibration of the pipeline occurs frequently and has a strong impact on safety. The in-field vibration measurement is carried out on the pipeline of a centrifugal compressor, and the vibration waveform and spectrum characteristics are obtained. Numerical studies are conducted to investigate the relationship between the natural frequency of the pipeline and the fluid excitation frequencies. These numerical results are verified by comparison with the field measurement values, which shows that the method can be useful for engineering applications. Some preliminary conclusions are drawn from the results of the field measurement and the numerical simulation. Pressure fluctuations not only occur in the measuring pipeline, but also spread to the pipeline in the distance. The sensitive frequencies of the pipeline vibration are determined, and the fundamental causes of the vibration revealed. Accordingly, the pipeline structure can be improved, and the method of solving the fluid excitation is discussed to avoid the damage caused by the pipeline vibration and ensure the safety of the equipment and the pipeline.

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