Tension Leg Platforms (TLPs) are one of the best options for offshore industry in deep waters due to proven motion response characteristics. These are water depth sensitive structures and the motion responses in vertical plane motions (heave, roll and pitch) are critical for a TLP. Tension Based TLP (TBTLP) is a new concept and finds application in much deeper waters. A provision of a tension base at mid-depth results in an economical design of TLP. In fact, the TLP installed at a certain depth without any modifications can be made to be deployed in much deeper water depths by means of a tension base. In this paper, the concept of TBTLP is highlighted and hydrodynamic analysis of the chosen platform has been carried out using ANSYS AQWA package. The motion responses in terms of Response Amplitude Operators (RAOs) of TBTLP with one Tension Base in surge, heave and pitch have been obtained and compared with a TLP without a tension base.

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