Results of an experimental investigation of the mechanism of hydrodynamic and heat processes interaction in turbulent separated flows on the basis of combined measurements of instantaneous local values of longitudinal skin friction vector component, wall heat flux and fluctuating wall pressure are presented. New combined wall probe was used in the experiments. The following cases of 2D separated flows are studied: a flow over a lug, a flow in the wake behind a transversal cylinder located near a wall. Data on space-time interaction of the measured parameters is obtained. It is shown that a mechanism of this interaction in many respects is determined by interaction of large scale coherent structures of a shear layer with a wall. In order to study the mechanism simultaneous measurements of the wall parameters and parameters in the wall region are provided. Also conditionally averaged fields of velocity and temperature in a flow are obtained as well as their correlation with the parameters distribution in a local wall region. A physical model of hydrodynamic and heat interaction of these structures with a wall is suggested.

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