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  • Proceedings Article November 09, 2018

    Leolein Moualeu; Aaron Wand; Klemme Herman; Michaela Trenidad; Michael Hall; Bethany Springer; Nathan McAdams; Langdon Holton

    Proc. ASME. 52101; Volume 7: Fluids Engineering, V007T09A053.November 09, 2018
    doi: 10.1115/IMECE2018-87866

  • Proceedings Article July 30, 2017

    Judith Ann Bamberger; Leonard F. Pease; Michael J. Minette

    Proc. ASME. 58059; Volume 1B, Symposia: Fluid Measurement and Instrumentation; Fluid Dynamics of Wind Energy; Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conversion; Energy and Process Engineering; Microfluidics and Nanofluidics; Development and Applications in Computational Fluid Dynamics; DNS/LES and Hybrid RANS/LES Methods, V01BT06A012.July 30, 2017
    doi: 10.1115/FEDSM2017-69382

  • Proceedings Article July 10, 2016

    Leonard F. Pease; Judith Ann Bamberger; Lenna A. Mahoney; S. Thomas Yokuda; Michael J. Minette

    Proc. ASME. 50299; Volume 1B, Symposia: Fluid Mechanics (Fundamental Issues and Perspectives; Industrial and Environmental Applications); Multiphase Flow and Systems (Multiscale Methods; Noninvasive Measurements; Numerical Methods; Heat Transfer; Performance); Transport Phenomena (Clean Energy; Mixing; Manufacturing and Materials Processing); Turbulent Flows — Issues and Perspectives; Algorithms and Applications for High Performance CFD Computation; Fluid Power; Fluid Dynamics of Wind Energy; Marine Hydrodynamics, V01BT24A004.July 10, 2016
    doi: 10.1115/FEDSM2016-7751

  • Proceedings Article July 07, 2013

    William L. Kuhn; David R. Rector; Judith A. Bamberger; Michael J. Minette

    Proc. ASME. 55584; Volume 2, Fora: Cavitation and Multiphase Flow; Fluid Measurements and Instrumentation; Microfluidics; Multiphase Flows: Work in Progress, V002T11A009.July 07, 2013
    doi: 10.1115/FEDSM2013-16459

    TOPICS: Pulsejets
  • Proceedings Article January 01, 2010

    Judith Ann Bamberger; Perry A. Meyer

    Proc. ASME. 49491; ASME 2010 3rd Joint US-European Fluids Engineering Summer Meeting: Volume 2, Fora:245-256.January 01, 2010
    doi: 10.1115/FEDSM-ICNMM2010-31314

    TOPICS: Pulsejets
  • Proceedings Article January 01, 2009

    Margaret S. Greenwood; Susan Sande; Xiao-Ying Yu; Nino Zuljevic; Bruce D. Lawler; S. K. Sundaram; Ellen B. K. Baer; Brian K. Hatchell; Derek F. Hopkins; Leslie J. Kirihara; Mikhail S. Pekour; Judith Ann Bamberger

    Proc. ASME. 43819; Volume 8: Engineering to Address Climate Change; Sustainable Products and Processes:1-10.January 01, 2009
    doi: 10.1115/IMECE2009-12265

  • Proceedings Article January 01, 2009

    Judith Ann Bamberger; Perry A. Meyer; Carl W. Enderlin; James A. Fort; Beric E. Wells; Michael J. Minette; Carolyn A. Burns; Ellen B. K. Baer; David E. Eakin; Monte R. Elmore; Sandra F. Snyder

    Proc. ASME. 43826; Volume 9: Heat Transfer, Fluid Flows, and Thermal Systems, Parts A, B and C:1803-1818.January 01, 2009
    doi: 10.1115/IMECE2009-12264

  • Proceedings Article January 01, 2007

    Adam P. Poloski; Harry D. Smith; Gary L. Smith; Mark A. Gerber; Judith Ann Bamberger; Perry A. Meyer; Jagan R. Bontha; James A. Fort; Franz Nigl; James M. Bates; Carl W. Enderlin; Sato T. Yokuda; Dean E. Kurath

    Proc. ASME. 43025; Volume 8: Heat Transfer, Fluid Flows, and Thermal Systems, Parts A and B:1909-1930.January 01, 2007
    doi: 10.1115/IMECE2007-42223