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  • Proceedings Article September 30, 2018

    He Li; Douglas A. Bristow; Robert G. Landers

    Proc. ASME. 51890; Volume 1: Advances in Control Design Methods; Advances in Nonlinear Control; Advances in Robotics; Assistive and Rehabilitation Robotics; Automotive Dynamics and Emerging Powertrain Technologies; Automotive Systems; Bio Engineering Applications; Bio-Mechatronics and Physical Human Robot Interaction; Biomedical and Neural Systems; Biomedical and Neural Systems Modeling, Diagnostics, and Healthcare, V001T01A008.September 30, 2018
    doi: 10.1115/DSCC2018-9069

  • Proceedings Article July 09, 2017

    Junjie Luo; John M. Hostetler; Douglas A. Bristow; Robert G. Landers; Edward C. Kinzel; Jonathan T. Goldstein

    Proc. ASME. 57892; Volume 2: Heat Transfer Equipment; Heat Transfer in Multiphase Systems; Heat Transfer Under Extreme Conditions; Nanoscale Transport Phenomena; Theory and Fundamental Research in Heat Transfer; Thermophysical Properties; Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing and Manufacturing, V002T16A002.July 09, 2017
    doi: 10.1115/HT2017-5100

  • Proceedings Article October 12, 2016

    Patrick M. Sammons; Douglas A. Bristow; Robert G. Landers

    Proc. ASME. 50701; Volume 2: Mechatronics; Mechatronics and Controls in Advanced Manufacturing; Modeling and Control of Automotive Systems and Combustion Engines; Modeling and Validation; Motion and Vibration Control Applications; Multi-Agent and Networked Systems; Path Planning and Motion Control; Robot Manipulators; Sensors and Actuators; Tracking Control Systems; Uncertain Systems and Robustness; Unmanned, Ground and Surface Robotics; Vehicle Dynamic Controls; Vehicle Dynamics and Traffic Control, V002T18A005.October 12, 2016
    doi: 10.1115/DSCC2016-9777

  • Proceedings Article October 28, 2015

    Patrick M. Sammons; Douglas A. Bristow; Robert G. Landers

    Proc. ASME. 57250; Volume 2: Diagnostics and Detection; Drilling; Dynamics and Control of Wind Energy Systems; Energy Harvesting; Estimation and Identification; Flexible and Smart Structure Control; Fuels Cells/Energy Storage; Human Robot Interaction; HVAC Building Energy Management; Industrial Applications; Intelligent Transportation Systems; Manufacturing; Mechatronics; Modelling and Validation; Motion and Vibration Control Applications, V002T32A003.October 28, 2015
    doi: 10.1115/DSCC2015-9780

  • Proceedings Article October 22, 2014

    Patrick M. Sammons; Douglas A. Bristow; Robert G. Landers

    Proc. ASME. 46193; Volume 2: Dynamic Modeling and Diagnostics in Biomedical Systems; Dynamics and Control of Wind Energy Systems; Vehicle Energy Management Optimization; Energy Storage, Optimization; Transportation and Grid Applications; Estimation and Identification Methods, Tracking, Detection, Alternative Propulsion Systems; Ground and Space Vehicle Dynamics; Intelligent Transportation Systems and Control; Energy Harvesting; Modeling and Control for Thermo-Fluid Applications, IC Engines, Manufacturing, V002T35A004.October 22, 2014
    doi: 10.1115/DSCC2014-6173

  • Proceedings Article November 15, 2013

    Jennifer R. Creamer; Patrick M. Sammons; Douglas Bristow; Robert G. Landers; Philip Freeman; Samuel Easley

    Proc. ASME. 56185; Volume 2A: Advanced Manufacturing, V02AT02A071.November 15, 2013
    doi: 10.1115/IMECE2013-65381

    TOPICS: Machine tools